Sandybottom Boat Charters offers a wide variety of fishing charters and boat cruises in the Newcastle region, covering Newcastle Harbour and offshore.

We specialise in individual fishing charters such as offshore and deep sea fishing, or a relaxing scenic cruise though the waterways of the Hunter River.

Bird watching cruises and whale watching are available, as is our more personal “ashes to sea” parting cruise.

Trevor Notley, the skipper, has had 40+ years experience of fishing and boating in the Hunter River and offshore fishing off Newcastle. Trevor holds a Coxwain Certificate and the vessel “Sandy” is surveyed for 7 + 1 people with NSW Maritime. Trevor has a remarkable knowledge of fishing grounds off Newcastle ensuring your day on the water is filled with excitement.

First surveyed in 2004, the boat “Sandy” is a Spacecraft 7-metre purpose built vessel built by Belpray at Toronto, Lake Macquarie. The vessel is powered by twin Yamaha 100 horse power 4 stroke motors, has a half cabin, some  undercover area and  room for fishing for up to 7 people.

Sandy Bottom Boat Charter specialises in personal service for small groups from 4 to 7 people. Whether it be a family occasion, small business get-together, friends, colleagues or interest groups we can arrange the trip to suit you.

For an unforgettable day on the water, Sandy Bottom Boat Cruises will ensure just that.


Trev,that was one of the best days fishing I’ve ever had.We caught over 100 fish and took 35.Don’t know how but you turned on the weather for us too-well done and thank you-we will be back SOON.
Clayton Smith
Just a quick note to thank you for your hospitality yesterday.Our clients had a great time.
Cheers Michael
Michael Dries, MAD Media Group
Just a short line to say that my sons and I had a great day on your fishing charter boat last week. At first I was somewhat sceptical about the size of your boat and whether we would catch anything.

Good to see you updated your wesite and included some of the fish that we caught including my Blue Groper catch and Ray’s “catch of the day” Snapper (Well done Ray)

A fantastic day
Can’t wait to do it again
Well Done Trevor!!

Joe Royston
Just a short note to say that we all enjoyed the fishing Trip! Your service was second to none and I have been on several trips and never had lunch supplied, as well as morning tea and coffee etc! So thanks again!

As for the fishing, it too was second to none – the consensus was unanimous and we were all very pleased with the catch. The “Biggest Catch trophy” went to Aaron for a 3.5KG blue Groper, the “Most Caught Trophy” went to Mick with a haul of 27 fish and the “Wooden Spooner Trophy” went to Brian despite him having caught some 12 fish (Not really a Wooden Spooner!!). Over all between the 6 of us we caught some 100 or more fish and bagged almost 40. Many of us breaking our personal best for the number and size of fish we caught, everything from Gropers to Morwong, Trevally, Snapper, Tailor, Flathead and many others!

Thanks again and we all look forward to next years trip! I have attached some pictures from the day, let me know if you want better quality versions of these.

Kind Regards,

Anthony Groves
Well what can I say except for “What a fantastic day we had!”.

Start of this week didn’t look to good with the weather showing its ugly head. With everything from overcast, rain, wind and sun. We were lucky with a nice warm sunny day on Saturday.|

All up their was Laurie(my dad), Andrew(brother in law), Scott(best mate), Mark(my wife`s brother in law) and Ben(a extra that came along and a nice fella). We all boarded the boat at Stockton, headed out the heads bright and early 06.30, headed south and first fishing spot we stopped and true to Trevors word, we got into fish.

Trevally came pretty much every drop, some in doubles. After a while we moved off to another spot, got onto a few nice little snapper, tarwhine and Ben caught a Morwong/Rubberlip. Off again to another spot and again snapper, tarwhine and Ben caught another morwong and flathead here, and then the leatherjackets started. Lost a few rigs so we moved to another spot. Got a couple of trevally here then the leatherjackets came again and we started to loose more rigs. We did manage to keep a few leather jackets as payback.

All up we ended up with a nice full esky of fish to bring home. The 5 of us ended up with about 60 Trevally, 8 tarwhine/bream, 4 snapper, 1 tailor and 2 Leather jackets.

The young fella (Ben) took home a lovely flathead, 2 Morwong and about 6 trevally. We did thank him as he did manage to catch a lot more fish than this, but he didnt want to take them and gave them to us, for the party we where having Saturday night. So if your on this site Ben, everyone again says thanks.

Trevor even managed to wet a line and took home 4 leather jackets for his family.
Now to top all that off. Im sure we`re all {well most} have been on a few charters before.

All I got to say is that I have been on a couple before and some have cost more, BUT NONE have every supplied us with nibble’s and fresh rolls for a light lunch, plus we also had cans of coke supplied.

We’re already planning another day out later in the year for the old boy’s 60th B’day.
Only fish I seem to be able to catch is the Pilchard that I put on the hook myself!